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this is by far the most funny and yet to the point of the product ad for ACs… well done!


What can we learn from Luxury Brands Social “Decline”?

What can we learn from Luxury Brands Social “Decline”?

Social media is not a one way street, having a presence alone is not anymore the key to success. You can actually harm your brand by not effectively engaging with consumers. The attached Forbes articles shines a nice light on a current study on luxury brands’ social media engagement.

Bring the POS to the consumer, not the other way around

What is the problem with traditional brick and mortar stores?

Consumers have to invest both search and travel time to get to the store – worst case to find an unmotivated employee or a crowded store. How much motivation can expect a consumer to have to come to you multiple times to finalize his or her purchase.

Why not challenging this traditional concept, which some smart companies already have, in some way or another. Think Tupperware for example!

Mini is another great example, launching the “mini store” in Paris with 10 floating Mini Coopers ready to be test driving on the spot. Why is this a great concept? I think it draws attention to the product, it reduces potential clients or customers time requirements (travel time) and it reduces further hurdles and brings in the very intriguing aspect of emotional POS strategies.

I wonder when other car makers will catch up on this – could well see other A-Segment to C-Segment vehicles capitalize on a similar brand to POS strategy. Not sure if it would work for your Porsche 911 buyer – kinda doubt it 🙂

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Consumer’s move mobile… and you?

Consumer's move mobile... and you?

It is assumed that mobile web penetration rates will reach 2 billion users by 2015. That is users with a mobile ready device and thus most likely a smartphone. With users increasingly shifting their purchasing decision making to the mobile web, so should you as marketers consider an increase of mobile budgets.

For those who haven’t even started yet, the Mobile Playbook from Google provides a nice down to earth summary of what is currently happening in mobile advertising (be aware – Google is platform leader and ad seller – so read critically).

Here is the link:

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time sensitive mobile targeting study

time sensitive mobile targeting study

According to this study, mobile users are more likely to act or react on mobile advertising between 7 and 11pm. Shouldn’t the same principle apply to online advertising. Users are in different modes of mind throughout the day; e.g. search mode will differ from social mode or shopping mode. If we take this into account, marketers should be able to target to a more receptive audience and thus reduce arbitrary marketing placements.

New channel – old habits – let’s break lose

Have you ever wondered how marketing practices are developing? Well, look at the first ever aired TV advertisement by Bulgova in 1941. With tv being untouched for advertising purposes at this time, Bulgova marketers applied their classic billboard marketing to the new medium tv.

Decades later, we see the first banner ad popping up. In 1994 to be specified (more here:

And now? We talk about SEO and SEM, however approach it from the same angle we approached print, TV and other traditional media. >Creation
>feedback loop
Why don’t we marketers start breaking with old habits and apply new technology, new media and new channels in new ways? Shouldn’t we think more integrated, multivariable modeling and more subtle approaches to not only decrease unknown factors but also to use what digital offers us most – real time feedback and ease of trend predictions?

Let’s think about this… the future is now?!

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Experiential Marketing Communication

Experiential Marketing Communication

A solar powered annual report sets a new standard in external communication and extrapolates not only Austrian Solar’s mission but also combines effective communication with product features. Well done! I hope the area of boring 200 pages annual reports is coming to an end… creative and innovative marketing & communication is the key to effectively reaching today’s customers (stakeholders).

Is viral marketing a must for every brand?

Is viral marketing a must for every brand?

The attached graphic provides a quick overview of benefits, limitations and also drivers for successful viral campaigns. Brand and marketing managers need to careful analyse viral efforts to avoid viral disasters (as just seen in the Apprentice) which do then capitalize on the easy to spread nature of digital media.

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