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New channel – old habits – let’s break lose

Have you ever wondered how marketing practices are developing? Well, look at the first ever aired TV advertisement by Bulgova in 1941. With tv being untouched for advertising purposes at this time, Bulgova marketers applied their classic billboard marketing to the new medium tv.

Decades later, we see the first banner ad popping up. In 1994 to be specified (more here: http://www.wired.com/thisdayintech/2010/10/1027hotwired-banner-ads/)

And now? We talk about SEO and SEM, however approach it from the same angle we approached print, TV and other traditional media. >Creation
>feedback loop
Why don’t we marketers start breaking with old habits and apply new technology, new media and new channels in new ways? Shouldn’t we think more integrated, multivariable modeling and more subtle approaches to not only decrease unknown factors but also to use what digital offers us most – real time feedback and ease of trend predictions?

Let’s think about this… the future is now?!

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Social Media shouldn’t replace but add to your current Marketing arsenal

Social Media shouldn’t replace but add to your current Marketing arsenal

Watch this short clip about a campaign launched for a shopping mall in Brasil. The campaign used both off- and online stimuli to create buzz but most importantly to draw people (potential customers) into the mall itself.

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What is your conversational capital?

Conversational capital refers to the buzz, word of mouth a company, brand or product receives from promotional activities of all sorts. Most companies do yet fall short on setting objectives and thus measuring their conversational capital.

A great book to detail the value of acknowledging conversational capital, is:

Conversational Capital: How to Create Stuff People Love to Talk About”
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