Consumer’s move mobile… and you?

Consumer's move mobile... and you?

It is assumed that mobile web penetration rates will reach 2 billion users by 2015. That is users with a mobile ready device and thus most likely a smartphone. With users increasingly shifting their purchasing decision making to the mobile web, so should you as marketers consider an increase of mobile budgets.

For those who haven’t even started yet, the Mobile Playbook from Google provides a nice down to earth summary of what is currently happening in mobile advertising (be aware – Google is platform leader and ad seller – so read critically).

Here is the link:

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Is viral marketing a must for every brand?

Is viral marketing a must for every brand?

The attached graphic provides a quick overview of benefits, limitations and also drivers for successful viral campaigns. Brand and marketing managers need to careful analyse viral efforts to avoid viral disasters (as just seen in the Apprentice) which do then capitalize on the easy to spread nature of digital media.

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